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Handbags and backpacks – what models to wear every day?

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In everyday life it would be very hard to do without a handbag. After all, where would you put all those essentials? So get to know our suggestions of timeless models that will work every day.

A handbag is an obligatory element of styling. However, in order to fulfill its task, it should not only be stylish, but also comfortable. Meet the best models of everyday handbags that you will surely love.

Comfortable and stylish shopper

The best option for everyday use are certainly shopper bags. It is quite a big bag, which will hold all your belongings – your keys, wallet and phone, as well as bigger items, such as your laptop or a warm sweatshirt. It is also equipped with two long handles, so you can carry it comfortably on your shoulder. A shopper bag is usually very simple. So it will be perfect as an addition to casual outfits to the office, but it will also work well after work, when you change your suit or dress for your favorite jeans and t-shirt. Not without a reason, it is one of the favorite cuts of women all over the world

There are many models of shoppers in stores, but which one to choose? This season, simple and minimalist models in deep and dark shades of blue, green and orange will be extremely fashionable. Black, beige or brown will also be a standard

A perfect handbag to go with pants

A very universal, but at the same time elegant bag, which will be perfect for everyday use, is a letterman bag. This is a small or medium sized bag, which usually has a belt and a handle. So you can put it on your shoulder, put it diagonally or hold, put down and pick up at will. It will be a perfect addition to your work outfit, for example with classic cigarillos and a shirt. However, you can also wear it with less businesslike and much looser outfits – it will go really well with everything, and looks especially good with pants. This is a model that will look great in classic shades of black or brown, as well as in slightly more intense colors and animal patterns.

Women’s backpack, or comfort above all

If you value comfort above all and you lead quite an active lifestyle, a women’s backpack will certainly be an ideal choice for you. It will accommodate all your belongings and, what is more, it is exceptionally functional and comfortable, leaving your hands free. However, this does not mean that it is not stylish! Just choose women’s backpacks made of eco leather and you will surely look great. Opt for interesting leather texture and unique patterns and pay attention to the hardware. It is worth to match its color to the jewelry you usually wear

Such urban backpacks will match both sporty outfits, consisting of leggings and blouse, and casual dresses

Nerka – small bag, big effect

For women who appreciate comfort and do not need a large bag, leather kidneys are also a good choice. They have been extremely fashionable for a few seasons now and for good reason. After all, a kidney bag will be useful both for a morning workout or a walk, and for casual outings with friends. Such a small size handbag can accommodate only a phone, documents and a card, but it is still very convenient and practical. So it is a model worth having in your closet.

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