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Crumbled powder – you don’t have to throw it away. See how to use it!

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A moment’s inattention is all it takes to drop powder on the floor and spill it. Even powder that has been spilled into a fine poppy seed can be easily repaired!

To rescue crumbled powder, you’ll need the powder, a mixing and crushing tool (like the handle of a powder brush or a hair slide or the end of a pair of tweezers), rubbing alcohol (vodka or rubbing alcohol), a clean tissue (or paper towel or toilet paper if you don’t mind the tiny patterns) and a “presser” that’s close in shape and size to the powder (any screw caps or lids will do).

Step 1 – grind the powder into smaller pieces, so that the consistency of the product is even; at this point you can slowly add a little alcohol, and to make the whole process easier it is also worth putting a piece of paper or foil, so as not to dirty the table; mix everything until the consistency of a thick cream is obtained;

Step 2 – spread the mixture all over the container and then apply a tissue lightly to absorb the spirit; do this two or three times;

Step3 – now take a squeegee and press the powder carefully through the tissue so that nothing spills over the sides; repeat this until the tissue is dry and the powder is smooth when pressed;

Step 4 – clean the entire container all around and let the repaired powder dry completely, at least overnight.

If after pressing you find that the pigmentation of the cosmetic is weaker, then just scrape off the top layer gently. Underneath, the consistency will most closely resemble the original.

You can use the same technique with any pressed product – blush, bronzer, highlighter or eye shadow.

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