Imprinting – the effective way to change your look

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In the world of beauty every now and then new, more or less shocking trends appear. Currently, a very interesting and innovative way to change your image is imprinting. This unusual way of colouring hair has taken the fashion world and women all over the world by storm. Get to know imprinting and let yourself be enchanted by this magical effect.

What is imprinting?

Imprinting is an innovative way of colouring hair, where the colour is applied through a special stencil. The trend was started by Angelo Semina. This method creates an amazing effect on the surface of the hair, which depends on the stencil used. Due to the pattern that is created with the paint, the hair takes on an extremely fascinating look. This can be a highly visible effect if a color that contrasts with the natural color of the hair is used, while if the paint applied is close to the natural color, the result will be delicate highlights. Different imprinters can be used to create different patterns in the hair, for example an effect similar to the feathers of a bird like a pheasant or a peacock. You find out more about this hair colouring method at

There Were Stripes, There Was Balayage, Now It’s Time for Imprints

In the early 2000s, highlights were the order of the day. Stars like Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne were definitely associated with this hair color style. After 2010, the trend from the 1990s, baleyage, returned in a slightly modified form. This is also the way to lighten hair, which took the market by storm. “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston and her namesake Jennifer Lopez proudly presented their baleyage hair on red carpets and magazine covers. Currently, imprinting is a hit like its predecessors. This method is already loved by the absolute trendsetter Kim Kardashian, who showed off her new look on her Instagram. The intriguing effect that imprinting creates on the hair will certainly tempt many more celebrities, and the method will become a real hit of the summer

A way to visually add volume to your hair

The patterns created by using an imprinter make hair optically appear thicker. Even thin, lackluster hair can be completely transformed by imprinting. This method allows you to create the illusion of thick, coarse hair because the effect the dye leaves on your hair makes your hair appear not quite straight, and any texture on your hair adds volume

A Hairstyle to Attract Your Gaze

Imprinting is a very effective way to change your look. Doing imprinting all over your hair is quite a bold move and not everyone will go for it. However, small touches of design in your hair are an interesting and worthwhile experiment. Don’t worry about roots, because imprinting doesn’t work on the roots, but rather on the lengths. This look is also interesting when applied to the inner layers of the hair, as it becomes visible when the top layer of hair is pinned up

Spring is the ideal time to refresh your image. A complete change of color or a radical haircut are procedures, which are very invasive and have a strong impact on the appearance. If you do not want to completely change your style but would like to make a small change, imprinting is the perfect solution! This colouring method is sure to grow in popularity and is guaranteed to be on trend. Don’t be afraid to become a trendsetter among your friends

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