Why should you have chino pants in your closet?

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Chinos, also often called chinos, have been dominating pictures lately with proposals of more or less casual styles. They are very fashionable and are the perfect compromise between comfort and an elegant look. What makes chinos so popular and why every man interested in fashion should have them in his closet?

Chinos, just like jeans, are made of cotton, but their fabric has a different weave than the one used in the latter. It is finer and smoother, and the fabric has a lighter weight. The cut of the chinos is somewhat reminiscent of suit pants, but they are not ironed at the hem

Where did chinos come from?

Cotton pants of various kinds were a popular item of military clothing. At the end of the 19th century, the Spanish-American War was in progress. The soldiers of the latter country, for reasons of economy, wore cheap pants sewn in China. It was from the Middle Kingdom that the name chinos originated. This garment became a real favorite of soldiers. So it did not take long for them to appear in stores as clothes for civilians

At first, they were distributed to the population from the demobilization. Soon, companies like Lewis and Book Brothers began producing them. They became very popular in colleges and universities in the USA, where jeans, being too much associated with the working class, were unwelcome. Chinos were and still are a good compromise between elegance (after all, they are much more chic than jeans) and comfort (they have a more accessible cut and lighter material than woolen suit pants).

What makes chinos a valuable addition to a man’s closet?

In addition to the already mentioned good balance between elegance and comfort, chino pants have a number of further characteristics that make them preferred by many men The most important of these are:

  • a wide choice of colors;
  • the pleasant feel of the cotton fabric;
  • the lightweight material that makes them ideal for warmer days;
  • versatility, which makes chino pants suitable for less and more elegant styles;

The best brands add elastane to the fabric of the chinos, which gives them an extra advantage. Chino pants with a blend of this material can be found here: The elastane makes them fit better, and therefore, they do not deform with frequent sitting down and standing up. There is also no problem with pants stretching out at the knees. So they will serve for years, always delighting with their beautiful cut

Versatility of chinos

The versatility of chinos is an issue worth elaborating on. It is what makes chino pants your go-to choice for different outfits instead of just lying in your closet. They go perfectly with e.g:

  • a sports jacket;
  • a casual shirt, for example checked;
  • and with slippers (autumn) or moccasins (summer).

Wearing chinos with just a t-shirt is not a bad combination either, as long as the latter is not too flashy. Plain, unprinted T-shirt and light chinos. This casual look with sunglasses is perfect for summer

Chinos are pants with many advantages. They are comfortable, stylish and recently simply very fashionable. So more and more men have them in their closet. Do not hesitate to join them. Who knows, maybe chino pants will become your new favorite piece of clothing? Chinos and other top quality clothes can be found at

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