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What are the best ways to make hair extensions?

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Many women dream of having long hair, but not everyone can have it. If you belong to this group and are wondering how to change your hairstyle, here are some proven methods.

Hair extensions have been popular for many years. Growing your hair requires proper care and patience. If you have short hair and want to quickly change the length of your hair, there are ways to do so. Whether it is wigs for women, hair extensions, or professional natural hair treatments at your hairdresser’s.

Keratin Hair Extensions

This is one of the most popular methods. It consists in joining thin strands of natural hair with long strands using heated so-called keratin welds. If done properly the place where the two strands are joined is invisible. This method allows for adjusting an appropriate amount and volume of hair so that the whole look is natural. It is also a quick way to increase hair length and the effect lasts about 4 months. After this time the procedure should be repeated.

The tape on/tape off method

Otherwise known as the sandwich method. Hair extensions are glued to your hair on a silicon tape right at the hairline. The tape is thin and practically invisible. It contains a special glue, which holds the hair extensions in place. This method gives a quick and natural effect of beautiful long hair. The treatment should be repeated after 3 or 4 weeks, when as your natural hair grows the place of attachment of the tape decreases, which may make it visible.

Clip in

One of the simpler methods you can do yourself. With the help of special clamps, you attach e.g. artificial hair strands to your hair. You can put the clips in during the day and take them out at night. This will give you the opportunity to assess how you look with long hair. You may also decide to wear only ponytails. You can find examples of this solution on the Hair Lux website.

The microring method

This method involves attaching strands to your natural hair on aluminum or silicone rings. No heat is used, but the ring is simply squeezed with special pliers. The color of the rings is matched to your hair color. Your hair stylist can also adjust the size of the ringlets to make them look natural. The treatment should be repeated after about 2 months.

Ultrasound-assisted hair extensions

The strands are attached to the hair by means of acoustic waves produced by a special device. As no heat is used during the treatment, the hair and scalp are not damaged. The advantage of this solution is that its effects are visible even up to six months. The ultrasound wave acts point and perfectly connects the two strands. The creatine is set in motion by the vibrations of the wave, which causes the hair strand to be bonded to the natural hair.

Using braids

In the braiding method, artificial hair is woven into the natural hair about one centimeter from the roots. The braids are woven tightly together using a special thin invisible rubber band. Keep in mind that you should not wear these braiding extensions for a long time because they may put too much stress on your hair. It is best to keep the braids in place for no more than two months.

What to consider when choosing a method?

You should discuss each type of hair extension with your hair stylist. Your hair stylist will advise you on which method is best for you and will not interfere with the condition of your hair. Consider your budget and how long the effects will last.

No matter which method of hair extension you choose, you should take care of your hair regularly. This way, you will be able to enjoy the effects of the treatments for a long time.

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