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Hen night in 3 different styles. See how to organize it!

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The bachelorette party is a very important event in the life of every bride. It is usually the last event that the future married woman will spend with her closest friends, sisters or cousins. It is the bridesmaid who takes care of all the organization of the event. In recent years, hen nights with a theme are very fashionable. Check how to organize such a party.

The hen night is no longer just a girl’s night out on the town. More and more often the party organized for the bride-to-be has a dress code, a professional photographer is ordered, and the whole thing is decorated with beautiful decorations. The most popular styles are boho, glamorous and inspired by a historical era, such as the 1990s. Learn about these styles and get inspired!

What kind of bachelorette party would you like your girlfriend to have?

A bohemian bachelorette party

A boho bachelorette party often takes place outdoors. The bride and her friends wear airy summer dresses. Great accessories will also be garlands made of flowers or straw hats. Many bridesmaids organize a picnic or garden party for the bride, where garlands, lanterns or handmade macramé reign supreme. On these types of evenings, you can light a bonfire, go canoeing or just spend the night under a starry sky.

Hen night in glamour style

A great idea for hen night is to organize it in glamour style. Every bride will be able to feel like a star at such a party. There can be no lack of gold, silver and pink decorations on it. Besides, balloons maintained in this color scheme will look great at the party. A stylishly decorated cake and colorful muffins can also be a tasty touch

All participants of the party must wear evening dresses and stilettos. On the head of the bride should be a diamond tiara, which will remind that this is her day and she can feel like a princess. It is in such styles that you can go to your favorite club or stay at home, celebrating in a narrow circle

90s style bachelorette party

Most of the current brides grew up in the 90’s. Hen night can be a great opportunity for a sentimental journey in time. A great idea will be a party on which there will be hits by Britney Spears, Spice Girls or No Doubt. There can also be styles inspired by the fashion of that time – pleated skirts, crop tops and wide jeans. You can narrow down the theme of the evening and organize a party with the theme of the cult series “Friends” or “Sex in the city”. Of course, if the future bride is a fan of any of these productions

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