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A well-fitted top is a versatile piece of clothing which will be suitable for many occasions. Depending on what you match it with, you can give different character to your outfit. A nice shirt made of high quality materials is also an important element of a capsule closet. Read on to find out how to create an elegant outfit for work, a casual outfit for everyday wear, and a striking outfit for a night out.

Business Wear

An outfit for the office should look elegant and at the same time be comfortable to wear to work. A delicate top in a neutral color will go well with a jacket and suit pants. A plain model without any appliqués can also be worn as an additional layer under a sweater in autumn and winter. When choosing a top for work, pay attention to its composition, because synthetic materials (including nylon) can increase perspiration and electrify to the skin.

A classic black top with lace trim or buttons at the neckline will look good with a high-waisted pencil skirt and a short, unbuttoned sweater, which will mark your waist at the same time. Online store Versada offers many elegant models of tops – especially those with heart-shaped necklines, which delicately emphasize the neckline and draw attention to the collarbones. Such a set should be complemented with minimalistic necklace with a gold or silver pendant.

Casual outfit

Styling for a casual outing to the movies or a coffee shop should be casual, comfortable and not require ironing or touching up. Long sleeve top paired with your favorite jeans and sneakers is a recipe for a successful walk. If you don’t like wearing jeans, consider cigarette pants or, very trendy in recent seasons, cargo pants. If you feel like a more girly look in autumn style, match the top with a pleated midi skirt and a matching color cardigan. You will be not only warm but also comfortable. Match with slippers or platform boots.

Styling for a party

A satin top with shoulder straps, black high-waisted pants, stiletto heels and a jacket, for example boxy, works well for a night out. A leather jacket may also be an alternative to the jacket. As for the party style, go for contrasts and mix delicate outfits, like an airy lingerie top, with heavy boots and clothes, which are typically masculine. If you want to draw attention to yourself, you can also opt for a skirt and a brocade top styled as a corset to spice up any outfit. There are many possibilities, it all depends on the nature of the party and what you feel best in. If you want to go to a club or a house party, let yourself go a bit wilder. Currently very fashionable are long sleeve tops stylized in the 70s, especially those in brown. A tight top with elegant pleats will emphasize your cleavage, while long sleeves will make your arms look lighter if only your wrists are uncovered. As for crop tops, they are not reserved only for very slim and athletic women – they will look good on most figures if you match a tight model with loose pants, preferably high-waisted.

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