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How to deal effectively with stretch marks?

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Sometimes the skin can’t keep up with the changes our bodies go through. Stretch marks are most often the result of us gaining or losing weight quickly. Often white or red scars on the body are caused by pregnancy, hormonal changes and drug therapy. It is not always possible to get rid of them effectively, but there are proven ways to make stretch marks less extensive and not so visible.

As we mentioned earlier, stretch marks that appear on the body can be white or red in color. The red color is a sign that the scar has only recently formed, and the process of its formation is due to ongoing inflammation. Stretch marks that are white are healed skin lesions that are already in the process of fading. White stripes on the body are more difficult to reduce and mask, but there are preparations that can effectively smooth and lighten them

How do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks are unsightly-looking skin lesions that occur when the skin stretches excessively. This may be related to rapid growth during adolescence. The result is that the fibroblasts located in the skin do not produce enough elastin and collagen. Unfortunately, because of this, the skin breaks in a painless way and fills these spaces with scar tissue. Stretch marks can occur all over the body, but the most common areas of their presence are the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, breasts and arms. People who experience weight gain or loss are most at risk of developing these skin changes. Stretch marks are often caused by obese people, pregnant women or people intensely striving to increase muscle mass. It is also a problem for women during menopause

Ways to get rid of stretch marks

The basis for the fight against stretch marks and skin changes is appropriate skin care. You should first properly choose cosmetics and preparations with which we will lubricate the thighs, abdomen, or buttocks. These products should make the skin more elastic and improve its color. It is worth buying cosmetics with a composition rich in natural ingredients. Collagen, vitamin E, cocoa butter or plant extracts such as aloe vera may help to get rid of stretch marks. Before rubbing the preparations into the skin, you should dry-brush your body with a special hard brush. This treatment will help the creams and lotions to be better absorbed

Home remedies for stretch marks

In addition to daily skin care, an extremely important aspect that helps maintain the beautiful appearance of the skin is a proper diet and lifestyle. Hydrating your body and eating foods rich in protein, vitamin C, silicon and zinc will help. To enhance the effects, you can apply a special brightening mask on the body once in a while. It improves the skin tone, and its formula is very simple and you can make it yourself. Just combine half a glass of lemon juice with a tablespoon of liquid vitamin E and olive oil. This homemade lotion should then be massaged into the areas marked by stretch marks. Do not forget to regularly use scrubs to exfoliate dead skin.

Laser removal of stretch marks

If home remedies for stretch marks do not bring the expected results, it is worth using the offer of beauty salons. Laser stretch mark removal is a very effective method to get rid of scars and skin changes. This treatment involves the use of high temperature laser, which eliminates dead and scarred tissue and cleans and closes the microchannels. Skin healing and recovery after laser stretch mark removal takes about a month. However, this is not a procedure available to everyone. Pregnant women, people suffering from diabetes, epilepsy, and certain skin diseases cannot benefit from it. Before going to a cosmetologist for stretch mark removal, tanning of the skin is not recommended. Being on drug therapy and taking supplements is also not recommended

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