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How often to use a facial scrub?

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Makeup is a great way to enhance beauty and hide imperfections. However, the basis for taking care of your appearance should be a proper skin care. It is the perfect base for makeup and makes leaving the house without it is not a problem. An integral part of proper facial skin care is peeling. In this article you will learn more about it. 

Why use a scrub?

Exfoliation is something that you should not forget about. It is done to cleanse the skin deeply and to exfoliate and remove dead skin that forms on the face. This improves the condition of the skin – it becomes radiant and smooth. What is more, after using peeling, skin care cosmetics used in subsequent stages are better absorbed and have a better effect.

Types of peelings

There are two basic types of peelings: enzymatic and mechanical. 

Enzymatic peeling is a cosmetic, which is applied like a mask, then wait a few minutes and rinse. The presence of enzymes and acids in this product exfoliates the epidermis. This is a safe option, especially for problematic and acne-prone skin. 

Mechanical exfoliation is a cosmetic that exfoliates dead skin by rubbing the particles contained in it against the skin. Use this type of scrub only when your skin is free of blemishes and wounds. Make sure that you do not rub too hard. 

You can easily make a scrub with fine particles at home! Just mix a tablespoon of sugar or coffee grounds with your favorite face gel and you’re done. 

Another type of peeling is acid peeling. It belongs to the group of chemical cosmetics, and thanks to the acids it has an exfoliating and cleansing effect. When using cosmetics with a high concentration of acids, it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to use a day cream with SPF 50 sunscreen. This will protect the skin against sunlight and prevent discoloration.

How often to use peeling?

There is no clear answer to this question. As in the use of any cosmetic product, it is very important to constantly monitor the condition of the skin. It is best to use peeling once a week. Keep in mind, however, that in many cases it may turn out that the skin needs exfoliation more or less often. However, it is best not to exceed the number of times per week. Not without significance is also the current state of the skin and the type of exfoliation performed. If it is strong and intensively exfoliates the epidermis, you will need to use it less often than with gentler products. If you are dehydrated and your skin is dry, you will also need to scrub more often to get rid of dry skin. For this reason, make sure to drink enough fluids every day. 

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