How to find the best place for your parting? Learn a simple styling trick!

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Would you like to freshen up your hair a bit but don’t know how? Or perhaps you’d like to try parting your hair on the other side but are worried that unruly hair will quickly revert to the other side? In this article we’ll tell you how to part your hair the right way!

If you’ve been meaning to change up your style or experiment with your parting, here are two ways to tame your hair! Here’s how to get your hair looking its best every morning and tidy it up before you head off to work.

Method I

Tilt your head forward a lot so that all your hair is down, then straighten it. See which side your hair goes better and that will be your cue to comb that side.

Method II

Look at your eyebrows and then create a parting that marks the highest point of your eyebrows. It’s all about that distinctive arch. With this technique, your parting will always look great and fit the shape of your face. What’s more, your hair will style well and easily.

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