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Paintings on walls. See fashionable compositions

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Looking for inspiration for your interior design? Visit online stores such as Desenio or Posterstore, and you’re sure to find decorations that will add character to your home!

Posters are very important elements for the home that cannot be missing! They are the ones that make the space more cozy. We should not buy them under the influence of emotions, because later it may turn out that our home is a collection of objects that do not match each other, and this is not the effect we want

How to choose paintings?

They should match the style of interior and its character. Currently the most fashionable wall compositions are those in wooden frames showing nature, animals, sunset, beach, plants and landscapes. The best effect can be achieved by combining them and creating a coherent, artistic mish-mash.

For a few seasons in the trend are also paintings maintained in black and white, showing drawings, which give the impression of being painted by a calligrapher. Decorations stylized on those from several eras are back in favor – they will prove best in minimalistic and classic interiors.

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