Contrasting collars – a trend for retro style fans

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PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 31: Therese Hellström wears black sunglasses, a white buttoned shirt with puffy lace collar, a brown oversized blazer jacket with puffy epaulets, a black grained shiny leather belt with a gold buckle, a black embossed flower pattern skirt, a gold Juste Un Clou ring from Cartier, gold rings, a beige wicker hat, on June 01, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Recently, the fashion world has been flooded anew with clothes, especially sweatshirts and shirts with contrast collar. It is a decades-old trend that is now conquering the hearts of fashion lovers once again. It becomes very popular especially among fans of retro and vintage style. See how to style blouses and shirts with contrasting collar

Sweatshirt with collar to skirt

The most retro combination will be pairing blouse with collar in contrasting color with skirt, for example checkered. If the blouse is plain, the skirt can be patterned and colored, or it can be colored in the same color as the collar to make the outfit more coherent. Both regular and oversized blouses go well with skirts. Take into consideration that the larger the size of blouse, the longer it is likely to be. So it may happen that the skirt will not stick out at all. If you like this look, go ahead and style it this way, but if you want to avoid looking like you are only wearing a top, opt for a shorter top or a longer skirt

Sweatshirt with collar plus short shorts

This is another American-inspired retro look for summer. This time, short shorts appear instead of a skirt. With oversized blouses, the same problem arises again – the shorts may not be visible, giving the effect that you are only wearing the blouse. If you want to avoid this impression, wear shorter sweatshirts with your shorts. As for the shorts themselves, denim shorts will look best with a collar blouse. Good news if you’re a fan of embellishments and glitter – collar blouses go great with studs, prints and rips on pants. Shorts with pockets on top will also look interesting. For example, if the sweatshirt is black with a white collar, black shorts with white pockets will be a great choice to go with it.

Shirt with collar in elegant look

If you love classics and elegance, but still want to follow new trends, a shirt with a contrasting collar is the perfect solution for you. It is a solution, for example, for girls who do not have clothes in a sporty style, to which a blouse would fit. A trendy shirt will look great with pants as well as with a skirt, and will even look phenomenal with a ladies’ suit. The jacket or the whole suit can be colored in the same color as the collar, or you can go for a splash of color and combine several colors at once. Another idea is to play with different shades of the same color. Different shades of blue, from blue to navy blue will go great together, as well as variations of yellow or green

Sweatshirt with collar for sporty look

Sweatshirt with a collar, especially oversize, will look great when combined with leggings or sweatpants. If you value comfort and freedom, this will be a perfect set for you. Leggings will provide you with full comfort and will still match the collar of the sweatshirt. Sweatpants will make the collar not so elegant.

Summer is a time full of new trends. This season’s absolute hits are sweatshirts with a collar in a contrasting color, coming back after many years. If you love retro and vintage style, this trend is just for you! Check if you have something in your closet which will match this season’s most fashionable sweatshirt and go shopping!

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