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Necklace – a great addition to any outfit

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It is a well-known fact that accessories can change the character of the whole outfit and make even the simplest outfit look chic. A necklace is an elegant accessory with which you can emphasize your neck and décolletage. Read the article and choose the right model for you.


Delicate, thin necklaces with a decorative pendant have become very fashionable in recent years due to their popularity among celebrities. Women are delighted with the subtlety of this type of jewelry, which beautifully accentuates the collarbones and slenderizes the neck. The most common metals used to manufacture celebrity necklaces are gold, silver and anti-allergenic surgical steel. The versatility of these necklaces lies in the fact that they match different types of clothing – including dresses, sweaters and shirts. Thanks to their delicacy and minimalist design, you can dress them up for different occasions. If you like combining several jewelry accessories, then celebratory necklace will work well as a base. Celebrytki also look beautiful worn over a turtleneck or sticking out from under a shirt collar. If you want to highlight your eye color, choose a gemstone necklace that matches your irises

Multi-piece necklaces

These types of necklaces consist of both a decorative pendant and additional elements along the length of the chain. If you desire a more glamorous look, then multi-piece gold-plated necklaces can be a good choice. The pendant will accentuate your cleavage and the delicate cubic zirconia around your neck will brighten up the whole outfit. Many women also appreciate double necklaces, in which you can adjust the length. Wearing a double necklace will give an optical impression of elongation, which may be a desired effect for slimming your figure. If you do not know what color of jewelry to choose, try to match it to your beauty type. Women characterized by warm beauty usually feel better in gold, while the cold beauty type prefers silver. This is not a decisive condition, but if you have dark hair and a very light complexion, then sterling silver necklace may suit you better.


Choker is a short necklace inspired by the fashion from the 90’s. Currently such necklaces made of pearls are very fashionable, but models made of velvet ribbons and chains will also work perfectly. Among current jewellery trends you will find chokers decorated with astrological and nature-inspired motifs, such as leaves, snowflakes and animals. Many people also appreciate a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a letter. A choker with the first letter of a loved one’s name is a great idea for a unique gift. Many women treat jewelry not only as a styling element, but also as a personal amulet that they carry with them at important moments in their lives.

Long necklace with pendant

An alternative to chokers can be a long necklace in the form of Y, which will sensually emphasize the cleavage and optically lengthen the neck. It usually comes in the form of a smooth chain, with zircons along the whole length or with an eye-catching pendant. It can be worn layered with a shorter necklace or solo with a classic dress or sweater. A long necklace with a large pendant can visually even out body proportions and draw attention away from the bust. For women who have a more shapely lower half of the body, long necklaces with a massive and striking pendant will work great.

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