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How to make natural looking fake freckles?

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Freckles are a very desirable beauty feature these days, but not everyone has them naturally. Are you dreaming of a face dotted with tiny dots? Find out how to create them yourself and achieve a natural effect

Just a few years ago, no one would have thought that this natural predisposition of some people would grow to become the hottest trend, and women would wonder how to influence their presence and like to emphasize their visibility.

How are freckles formed?

Freckles are a type of hyperpigmentation associated with an uneven distribution of pigment on the skin, and they are determined by genetic reasons. The only external factor that can affect them is sun exposure. The sun makes more freckles on the skin and they become more pronounced. In the summer, they can also appear in people who do not normally have them.

However, intense sunbathing is not very healthy. Excessive radiation is dangerous for the skin, so during hot days it should be protected with creams with SPF. The face requires the strongest protection here.

Freckles that will look beautiful and natural can be created in a completely different, artificial way. Learn some proven tricks to give your face a fresh new look.

Ways to get freckles

You can make artificial freckles with the help of makeup, that is, you can simply paint them. Cosmetics such as eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, henna, eyeliner, or eye shadow are most commonly used for this purpose. Remember that the product you decide on should match your skin type in terms of color, so that the result will be the most natural. With all the products mentioned above, except for henna, the procedure will look very similar

Start by creating a base – you should already have foundation and contouring products on your face. Then use an eyeliner or a pencil and start drawing fine dots with them. If you opt for eye shadow, the operation will differ only in the use of a precise applicator

The makeup should cover those areas where we naturally deal with freckles, namely the nose and cheek area. It is also very important to apply them in a haphazard manner. In no case can they be painted regularly, because they are naturally far from symmetry. The same also applies to the size of the dots. An interesting trick to use at the end is to gently rub the freckles with your fingertips. This will make the spots more transparent, more subtle and thus closer to the real ones. The final step is to fix the makeup with a special mist

An alternative to these methods is to use spray paint to cover the roots. Instead of applying dots spot-on, you can spray them. The tricky part here, however, is getting the right feel for using the diffuser so as not to overdo the amount. It is best to use the product very gently, and before spraying it on your face, try it on a piece of paper, for example.

For those who want a more permanent effect, instead of doing the freckles themselves, they can opt for permanent makeup at a beauty salon.

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