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How to arrange a modern living room?

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Modern living rooms are not only fashionable, but above all elegant, stylish and functional. What’s more, thanks to minimalist furniture and accessories, the interior is always orderly and peaceful. So how to arrange a living room?

Modern style has become very popular in recent years. No wonder, after all, many people are fed up with interiors overloaded with numerous accessories and trinkets, which constantly collect dust. But practicality is not the only feature of modern style – it is also very elegant and stylish. Find out how to incorporate it into your home in a few easy steps.

1. Functional furniture

For a modern living room, opt for furniture that you actually need for everyday living. Especially appreciate those which have several functions, for example a corner sofa with a sleeping function or a folding bench, which will soon enlarge its top. Thanks to well-considered purchases, your interior will become a practical, comfortable space.

2. Simple design

Modern style means minimalism in terms of design and the number of furnishing elements. Therefore, opt for geometric RTV cabinets, commodes or sofas. Choose furniture, which does not have unnecessary details, but only simple and minimalistic surfaces.

3. Accessories

Decorations are mainly furniture and utility accessories, such as designer lamps, elegant curtains or sophisticated rugs. These should be made of high quality materials and raw materials, so that they become a unique decoration of the interior. As for other accessories, first of all try to choose them wisely. It is better to choose one designer vase and a painting than a dozen less sophisticated ones.

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