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5 movies that will put you in the holiday spirit

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Are you looking forward to Christmas? Are you depressed by the weather outside? Check out our movie recommendations that will put you in the holiday mood!

When it’s gray outside and the lack of sunshine makes you depressed, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas! Colorful lights, intense colors of green, red and gold, and a family atmosphere allow you to escape from the gloomy everyday life, even for a moment. So what movies will put you in the holiday mood?

1. In a Wry Mirror: Hello, Santa Claus

A classic that never gets old and its jokes never get boring! Clark Griswold, who wants to organize the perfect Christmas at all costs, entertains generations. This is the movie that always and everyone puts you in the Christmas mood.

2. It’s just love

Another immortal classic that will never get boring. The film consists of several stories, and the fates of its characters, who seemingly have nothing in common, sometimes begin to intertwine. It entertains, teaches, puts you in a festive mood, but also tells you beautifully about different kinds of love.

3. A Wish for Christmas

This is a film about a shy and insecure Sara. She is creative and imaginative, but at the same time lets everyone around her get in her head. Her boss Dirk even steals her idea for a Christmas party. Fate seems to smile on Sara when she unexpectedly meets Santa Claus. He grants her one wish. What is it? Be sure to watch this climatic movie!

4. A guy for Christmas

Although it’s not a movie, but a TV series and it’s Norwegian, it can put you in a Christmas mood and make you laugh a bit. It tells the story of a 30-year-old nurse who, although she leads a happy life, has no husband, which her family constantly reminds her of. Not wanting to hear any more complaints, she decides to find a man for Christmas. Will she succeed?

5. The Christmas Spirit

The film tells the story of workaholic Lilly, who always puts her job first. The plot focuses on the fact that she is commissioned to make sure that a hotel is sold and all the paperwork associated with it is done. But someone is constantly in her way. Who and why? Find out for yourself!

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