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Affirmations – why should you use them?

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Do you have a problem with achieving your goals and resolutions? Do you feel that you still live in the world of dreams, but nothing comes true? Or maybe you often lose motivation? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, it’s a sign that affirmations are for you!

Thoughts have enormous power to create the reality in which you live. Thanks to them you can positively or negatively influence your attitude towards the day, gain unlimited energy or lose it and feel only sleepiness. Scientists have estimated that a human being has about 60 thousand thoughts during the day. Most often, however, as much as 80% of them are negative. This adversely affects not only our mood, but also the functioning of the entire body. Hormones are secreted which even poison us from the inside. What’s more, these thoughts translate into action, and considering that 80% of them are negative, a better statement would be the lack of action.

Lack of action means more negative thoughts, as well as anxiety, frustration and anger. And so day after day passes. The only way to stop this negative process is to change your mindset. This will not happen immediately or after a few days. Sometimes it requires months of work on yourself. After all, how long have you been creating negative thoughts?

It takes time, therefore, for new connections to form in your brain, new pathways, which will lead you to certain mechanisms and behaviors after the situation has arisen, and will also create positive thoughts.

Daily exercises and practicing affirmations, as well as yoga, Mindfulness or meditation will allow you to stop the course of bad thoughts.

So how do you practice affirmations? The following videos will be helpful in this task.

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