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Homemade masks for winter evenings – find out super recipes!

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When the days are getting shorter and we start to feel despondent, it is worth taking care of ourselves and our skin. How to do it? For example by using homemade, completely natural masks!

Winter is the time when we usually spend a lot of time at home. Evenings are getting longer and we can finally take care of things we didn’t have time for before – like taking care of our skin. Homemade, natural masks are simple and inexpensive and the effects they give us may really surprise us!

Pumpkin mask

At this time of year we use it most often to prepare a tasty and nutritious soup, but few people know that this vegetable also has numerous cosmetic properties. Thanks to pumpkin mask your skin will be moisturized and its color will improve. How to prepare it? Just cut out a piece of pumpkin (the size of a peach) and grate it. The resulting chips should be heated in a microwave and add one egg white. Apply the mask to your cleansed face for 20 minutes. Simple, right?

Plum Mask

Prune mask will smooth the skin, reduce facial wrinkles and tighten pores. It is really easy to prepare and the effect of beautiful and firm skin will make us want to use it regularly. To prepare it you will need a few ripe plums without seeds which, after being cut into pieces and blended, will turn into a thick paste. Before you apply it on your face, you need to add a teaspoon of honey and mix. After 15 minutes, you should wash off the mask with water.

Pear mask

Pears will make your complexion beautifully brightened. What is more, a mask made of this fruit will reduce sebum secretion and help eliminate fine lines. If we dream of smooth and radiant skin, let’s grate ¼ of a pear and add to it a teaspoon of honey, cream and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Then apply it to your face for 20 minutes, after which wash it off with a cotton ball, which is best soaked in lukewarm milk beforehand.

Rosehip mask

Wild rose is a very popular cosmetic ingredient, so it could not miss its place in our list of the best autumn masks. This fruit has strong nourishing and regenerating properties and it also brightens the skin. In addition, wild rose is considered to be a rejuvenating elixir! To prepare this mask, start by removing the stems and seeds from 20 rosehips. Then place them in a small saucepan and pour water and boil. When they soften, strain and blend into a smooth paste and apply to a cleansed face for 15 minutes. After this time wash the mask with water.

Carrot mask

Thanks to this mask and beta-carotene contained in carrots our skin will have a beautiful color and will be properly smoothed. To prepare it we will need one carrot grated on fine meshes. You should mix carrots with beaten egg and 3 tablespoons of oatmeal. If you do not have an egg, you can use a tablespoon of natural yogurt. The resulting slurry should be well mixed and applied to a cleansed face. Leave for 25 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Masque made of celery

Do you have dry skin? Then the celery mask will surely nourish and regenerate it and additionally it will make tiny wrinkles smooth. Grate celery, mix it with an egg yolk, one tablespoon of natural yogurt (or cream) and honey. Then apply the resulting mask to the face and leave for 15 minutes. After this time, wash it off with warm water and cotton balls soaked in chamomile.

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