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Want your makeup to last all day – use these tricks

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Wondering what to do to keep your makeup from running off after a few hours? How to cope in hot weather? Which cosmetics to use and how? You will learn all this from the following article. Apply our tips and you will quickly see that they really work!

Start with care

The key to good makeup – both in terms of its appearance and durability – is proper skin care. Always remember to cleanse your face thoroughly, apply a cream, a concentrated serum, and exfoliate regularly to get rid of dry skin. On such prepared skin, cosmetics will stick much better.

Primer and before that a base

To even out the skin tone, we can use a foundation or BB cream or CC cream. Its durability will be even better if we spread a base underneath – in an amount no larger than a pea grain. Here note: the base is selected according to the needs of the skin. Choose from illuminating, mattifying or smoothing. Importantly, we apply the base only when the cream is completely absorbed.

Then it’s time for the foundation, which also has different properties. We always apply it in a thin layer, and cover larger imperfections with concealer. Stamp it on with your fingers, brush or sponge, spot by spot.

Press the powder in – not sweep it away

We fix the face makeup prepared in this way with powder – preferably transparent. Contrary to appearances, we do not make gentle sweeping movements, because then we are not sure that the powder has found its way all over the face. Pressing movements will work better, where we press the powder in place by place, reaching every nook and cranny.

Permanent eye makeup – how to do it?

Do you like eyeliner and eye shadow? You don’t want to give them up, but it also happens that they either rub off after a few hours or collect in the eyelid creases? Reach for an eyeshadow base or use a setting concealer (powder it later).

Then go for a waterproof eyeliner, which not only survives exposure to water or rain, but also won’t run off with sweat. Of course, you can also reach for a waterproof mascara. Thanks to it, nothing will bounce on the lower eyelid or have a panda effect. Everything will stay exactly in place. On the other hand, when it comes to lip makeup, it will be long-lasting if you first cover your lips with lip liner and only later put on the target lipstick. 

For bigger outings, when the makeup has to survive literally everything, fixers will work perfectly. Spray them on your face, keeping in mind that they not only fix your makeup, but can additionally either mattify or illuminate.

Hands off!

Finally, one more small but important tip. The point is that even the most beautiful makeup, done according to the above tricks, will not last if we touch our face. So let’s be careful not to rub it, rest our cheeks or chin on our hands, or blow our nose vigorously.

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