Dried mascara – how to refresh mascara?

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Certainly, many women have had the problem with dried mascara. It can be “resuscitated” once, because any attempt to dilute it affects the consistency and effect of the cosmetic. It stops adhering to the lashes, as a result, lumps form on them.

How to refresh mascara?

It is a good idea to dilute mascara with warm water. Dip the applicator into a pot of boiling water, and after a few minutes, take it out and dip the brush back into the bottle. Screw it firmly inside and wait a few minutes. Under the influence of heat, the mascara will dissolve and you can apply it to your lashes. With this treatment, the mascara will regain its lost moisture and can be applied as before.

You can heat the entire bottle of mascara in hot water, which has the effect of diluting the mascara. The bottle should be boiled over low heat for a few minutes. Before you apply the heated mascara on your lashes, wait about 2-3 minutes until it cools down.

Instead of “boiling” the mascara we recommend adding a little bit of oil to it, but such action can lead to eye irritation. So use common sense – a new mascara will cost us about 20 zlotys, and eye treatment is not only more expensive, but also long-lasting.

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